Episode 111: Tracey Anderson’s The Method. Method for what?

March 26, 2016
Hey everybody,
This week we take a detour. Most people l know what I think of multi-colored weights and how useless they are. Great to hold doors open, lousy to get in shape with.

Lo and behold I come across an article about superstar trainer Tracy Anderson and her method. This method uses 3 pound weights. 

So we spend the episode delving into this. 

Again, don't get hostile with me, I am only offering opinions on the subject. 

Aside from that, it is probably the funniest podcast I have ever done.
Check it out, you will like it.

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Episode 104: How to Prevent Over-Eating on Weekends

March 4, 2016

Welcome to episode 104. 

Today I am going to go over an article that was sent to me by Precision Nutrition.

 I have been a coach with them for several years and really like them.

 Never heard of them? Probably not. They are not owned by Oprah. They don't have celebrity spokespeople or scientists discovering exotic berries in Indonesia.

Nope, they are common-sense people who advocate a sensible way of eating without having to count calories. 

Sound boring? Well, are the other systems working for you? 
Probably not and this is the point of the article. 

I sent a link to my clients and they all thought it was really eye-opening. Weekends seem to be the diet-killer for most people.

So why does this happen and what should you do about it?

Here is a link to the article, http://www.precisionnutrition.com/weekend-overeating

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Episode 108: 80’s Icons Passing Off Bunny Hops as Strength Exercises

March 4, 2016
Welcome everyone.
It was a week where I stepped into a time portal and was transported back into the 80's. No , not the cool 80's with CaddyShack, Stripes and New wave music. More like 80's aerobic hell where bunny hops and pink and blue lycra ruled.

Apparently there are a number of people from back in the day that are now presenting programs "updated" with new science like:
(These are Actual Quotes)
  • The secret is engaging muscles called fast-twitch fibers.
  • During a strength training session, you’re typically working your fast-twitch muscles.
  • Research shows that it’s not what you do that makes a difference in strength training, but how you do it, especially after age 40.
  • Because the fibers in fast-twitch muscles are denser, working them gives you a quicker visual payoff and they burn fat longer…up to several hours after a workout!
Yes you too can activate fast twitch muscle fibers with 2 1/2 pound weights. Let's build some crazy strength with those multi-colored dumbbells folks....

Ha Ha ha Ha Ha! Who is this icon? You will have to listen to find out. Here is the link, https://www.kathysmith.com/home-recent-posts/3-strength-training-moves-for-fat-loss

Also, enjoy my experience with watching a "Extreme Interval Training" cd. As part of my continuing ed, I spent $80 to learn about bunny hops and other such silly moves.

Listen, I don't make this stuff up, I just report it. If I hadn't received this ad about building strength with 2 1/2 pound weights I wouldn't have believed it either.

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