Episode 124: Why Cyclists Wear Multi-Color Leotards, Multi- Color weights and a Great Workout Idea

June 30, 2016

Welcome to episode 124.

There are a number of mysteries in this great world we live in. I take time this episode to examine 2 of the most baffling.
1. Why do 3 pound multi-color weights exist and why does everyone seem them have them in their house? They serve no fitness purpose that I can determine. Conspiracy? Maybe.

2. Why do normal rational people become arrogant when they put on multi-color leotards and hop on a bike? Better yet, why advertise for the U.S. Post office. These jackasses nearly ruined what was a lovely fund-raising walk/run last weekend.

Lastly, I give you an A+ workout that will be brutal yet effective. Brutally effective, if you will.

Episode 123: Underwear, Tough Love and Organizing your Health Team

June 22, 2016

Man, I outdid myself on this one, if I may so. A podcast packed with info, opinions and a little bit of humor.

Topic 1: I have a moral dilemma. Stay with the trusted cotton briefs or change to artificial fibers.

Topic 2: Tough Love- Don't count the workouts you do, count the ones you miss. It puts things in perspective.

Topic 3: Getting your team together. No, this isn't Multi-Level marketing. This is having people in place when you get dinged up that will actually help you get healthy. Yes, there is a rant about chiropractors in here. How could I help myself.

Episode 122: Best Fitness Shows, Spartan race vs. Spartan Team and Using an Orbital Buffer on Your Body

June 17, 2016

Yep, this is an action packed podcast. So let's get to it.

1. Can you or even should you use an orbital buffer on your body to loosen you up. Sounds crazy doesn't it? No according to Isaiah Vidal from the Obstacle Dominator podcast. I tried it and it works like a charm. (Please don't use any industrial strength tools for this. And no, I am not talking about the buffer they use to polish the floors at Wal-mart. Use a regular Car buffer.

2. The 3 worst fitness reality shows and the 4 best ones.

3. Spartan race vs. Spartan Team.

4. New study on exercise and cancer.

Can you believe you get all this in just under 40 minutes? Are you giddy with delight? well, stop reading this gibberish and listen to the podcast already!

Episode 120: Is Something Better Than Nothing?

June 1, 2016

Hey....June is Spartan month and everybody is invited to "Spartan up. What does this mean? You will just have to listen.

Hopefully this is the last time we talk about "The Biggest Loser". Just in case you haven't got enough, here are some more links to gaze at.

Moving on, is the saying "well, It's better than nothing" actually mean anything? Of course not. Listen and I will tell you why.