Episode 108: 80’s Icons Passing Off Bunny Hops as Strength Exercises

March 4, 2016
Welcome everyone.
It was a week where I stepped into a time portal and was transported back into the 80's. No , not the cool 80's with CaddyShack, Stripes and New wave music. More like 80's aerobic hell where bunny hops and pink and blue lycra ruled.

Apparently there are a number of people from back in the day that are now presenting programs "updated" with new science like:
(These are Actual Quotes)
  • The secret is engaging muscles called fast-twitch fibers.
  • During a strength training session, you’re typically working your fast-twitch muscles.
  • Research shows that it’s not what you do that makes a difference in strength training, but how you do it, especially after age 40.
  • Because the fibers in fast-twitch muscles are denser, working them gives you a quicker visual payoff and they burn fat longer…up to several hours after a workout!
Yes you too can activate fast twitch muscle fibers with 2 1/2 pound weights. Let's build some crazy strength with those multi-colored dumbbells folks....

Ha Ha ha Ha Ha! Who is this icon? You will have to listen to find out. Here is the link, https://www.kathysmith.com/home-recent-posts/3-strength-training-moves-for-fat-loss

Also, enjoy my experience with watching a "Extreme Interval Training" cd. As part of my continuing ed, I spent $80 to learn about bunny hops and other such silly moves.

Listen, I don't make this stuff up, I just report it. If I hadn't received this ad about building strength with 2 1/2 pound weights I wouldn't have believed it either.

Did somebody out there ask for Online Personal Coaching for $10/month?

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