Episode 104: How to Prevent Over-Eating on Weekends

March 4, 2016

Welcome to episode 104. 

Today I am going to go over an article that was sent to me by Precision Nutrition.

 I have been a coach with them for several years and really like them.

 Never heard of them? Probably not. They are not owned by Oprah. They don't have celebrity spokespeople or scientists discovering exotic berries in Indonesia.

Nope, they are common-sense people who advocate a sensible way of eating without having to count calories. 

Sound boring? Well, are the other systems working for you? 
Probably not and this is the point of the article. 

I sent a link to my clients and they all thought it was really eye-opening. Weekends seem to be the diet-killer for most people.

So why does this happen and what should you do about it?

Here is a link to the article, http://www.precisionnutrition.com/weekend-overeating

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