Episode 114: The Problem with Cheat Days

April 21, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to episode 114!

In the nutrition world, there is a lot of discussion on how to eat. Obviously. 
In this world you have 2 camps that like to go after each other. 

On one side you have the purists that think you should eat healthy every meal every day because the "other" food is bad for you.
Opposing this army is the "free day" thinkers that believe if you eat clean for 6 days you deserve a break and should eat some of these "bad" foods.

Anyone who knows me, knows I belong to the latter camp.

Number one: I don't believe there are any "bad foods". I think these foods are over-processed and have a lot of chemicals you don't want in your body but in moderation, they are not going to harm you.

Number two: Staying strict all the time is a truly herculean task. Very few are up to the challenge and are they any healthier?

Number three: Why not enjoy life a have a doughnut every once in a while? Why become a pariah from society?

Number four: In terms of weight loss, I have never seen a study where having a cheat day adversely affected an eating plan. If anything, it gives you a chance to satisfy those cravings.

Oh hell, I just gave away the whole podcast.

Do me a favor an d listen anyway. It is good.

Here is a link to the article.

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