Episode 116: 21st Century really? Neural Pathways and Why You Should Never Miss A Rep

May 3, 2016

Welcome to episode 116.

This podcast has 3 segments to it, so I am sure you are going to like at least one. Oh, who are we kidding. You are going to love them all.

1. Well, I have given the world 16 years to ease into the 21st century and it hasn't happened yet. So I am easing out of it. Remember when you were young, how cool you thought this time would be? Given, Iphones, Hd Televisions and streaming music are awesome. Given to fact you have access to unlimited information and can read any book ever published...why are we still watching squirrels on water skis? No I am going into my fitness cocoon. I am working on some very cool things and I should be giving you weekly announcements on a daily basis.
So Stay Tuned.

2. Neural pathways and why you should never miss a lift.
Have you ever thought about this?

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