Episode 124: Why Cyclists Wear Multi-Color Leotards, Multi- Color weights and a Great Workout Idea

June 30, 2016

Welcome to episode 124.

There are a number of mysteries in this great world we live in. I take time this episode to examine 2 of the most baffling.
1. Why do 3 pound multi-color weights exist and why does everyone seem them have them in their house? They serve no fitness purpose that I can determine. Conspiracy? Maybe.

2. Why do normal rational people become arrogant when they put on multi-color leotards and hop on a bike? Better yet, why advertise for the U.S. Post office. These jackasses nearly ruined what was a lovely fund-raising walk/run last weekend.

Lastly, I give you an A+ workout that will be brutal yet effective. Brutally effective, if you will.

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