Episode 17: Be a Personal Trainer in 4 Months or Your Money Back!

July 31, 2014

Episode 17 is pretty much a rant fest until about the 20 minute mark. Yes, according to an ad I found in Muscle and Fiction you can be a certified trainer in as little as 4 months. And yes, if you don't get a job screwing up honest people who just want to get in shape you get your money back. Strange world.

Next we take a look at golfers who dress like they are going to clown school. I can't help you fix your lack of style but I can tell you to stop spending thousands on Big Berthas and do some core flexibility work.

No review of American Muscle yet. Still trying to get through an episode.

A great big Texas thumbs up to Steve austin's broken Skull Ranch challenge. A show that makes American Ninja look like a pilates class. 

Finally something worth hearing at the very end. I give you some tips on fixing shoulder pops. 


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