Episode 21: Why Does the NFL Hate Me and Getting into the Army

August 21, 2014

Episode 21: Why Does the NFL Hate Me and getting into the Army

I don't know what I did to the NFL? I watched all the games bought the merchandise, even bought the ridiculously priced DirectTV packages. Every year professional football gets worse.  These days I can't help but feel like the No Fun League is actively trying to make me stop watching.

 I thought the 4 hour games, Madonna half-time show and flags thrown every play were bad.

Coldplay for the Super Bowl half time show? Katy Perry? Rihanna?

Really? Is it the super bowl or the lingerie bowl?

Announcers refusing to call the Redskins the Redskins? My only regret is that I held back on my rant since this is a "G" rated podcast. 

Message to the 'Nother Flag league....College football is 100 times better.


Enough of that, so are you thinking of joining the army? 

Feel like Bill Murray? Look like Ox? Teaching English to foreigners and hating your life? 

Well my friend, here comes the M factor Army challenge. 

Yep, I have the physical fitness requirements and I am challenging you to do them. 

Don't force me to play Sgt. Hulka here. Alright, enough of the "Stripes" references. If you are sitting there wondering what to do with yourself, this isn't a bad place to start. If you can meet these requirements I would say you are in pretty good shape. 

This is from the military.com website. Actually it is a pretty cool site. Not only do they give you the requirements but there is some pretty savvy advice on training to pass it.

The three PFT events are two minutes of push-ups, two minutes of sit-ups, and a timed 2-mile run. Your results from each event are assigned a score. Your age, gender and the amount of repetitions or time elapsed for each event determines your score. Unlike other military endurance tests the APFT is normally performed in normal workout gear. To graduate boot camp you must score 150 points or higher with at least 50 points in each event.

The following chart shows examples of the minimum requirements for the Army Basic Training PFT:


Age Group Gender Push-Ups Sit-Ups 2-Mile Run
17 - 21 Male 35 47 16:36
Female 13 47 19:42
22 - 26 Male 31 43 17:30
Female 11 43 20:36

So if you are in pretty good shape give yourself 4 weeks to pass.

If you have been saving y0urself for the right opportunity to work out give yourself 8 weeks.


Plan this out. Say you are on the 8 week program. get out a calendar and record where you are right now. 

Day 1: This is what I can do. ( with good form)

Day 56 write down the numbers you need to pass.

Now fill in the rest so you have a marker to let you know you are on schedule.

Tip 2:

It is not a crime to do a push-up on your knees as long as it is with good form.

Good form prevents injuries.

Start on your knees if you have to. Once you get up to 15-20 push-ups you should have enough strength to start doing a few push-ups on your toes with pretty good form.

Tips 3 and 4: 

If you are new to running invest in quality shoes.

Go to a running store and have a professional guide you to the right type of shoe.

Tip 5

Work at this everyday.

So there you have it. Another podcast in the books.


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