Episode 22: I am crabby as hell, Maca and being a sexual tyrannasaurus

August 29, 2014

Episode 22 and I am crabby as hell because I have had one of those weeks. Nothing has gone right for me. 

  • Tweaked my calf
  • Had a bunch of pre-labor day training cancellations.
  • Didn't get any work done.
  • Huge unexpected expenses.
That will do it. The upside to being ornery and crabby is that you can get in some really good workouts. But you don't want to hear about that. This episode I talk about tweaking my calf running, another rant against the NFL and Maca, the Incan superfood that tastes like dirt but is supposed to turn you into a sexual tyrannosaurus.

Who knows where that reference is from?
Hint: if I am asking then it will be either from an Arnold movie, Talladega nights, Caddyshack or Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

Correct answer: Jesse Ventura as Blain in Predator. Why didn't he get an Oscar nomination as best supporting actor in that? My thought is that there was too much competition from Dillon, Mac and Billy.

He was referring to chewing tobacco and I am talking about Maca. Are Incans really that horny? 

I really don't know but the Maca experiment has begun know that I have a handy supply of gelatin capsules courtesy of Amazon and my journey to the plains of Nazca have begun.

That's really about it in this episode. Not a whole lot of fitness just a guy needing to vent about a crappy week.


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