Episode 24: Looking Back on Life is Such A Retrospective Thing and My God They have A Muscle and Fitness Hers????

September 9, 2014

Episode 24: Looking Back on Life is Such A Retrospective Thing and My God They have A Muscle and Fitness Hers????

Well I guess in an equal society if you are going to B.S. the men you should also B.S. the ladies. I had no idea this existed but I found an online article about creating a "Powerful Physique". Unfortunately their idea of a powerful physique seems to involve lifting 5 pound dumbbells and doing flutter kicks. Want to see women with powerful physiques Google Crossfit ladies. I guarantee they have never done any of these exercises.

But that being said, I analyze the exercises, tell you why they are not power exercises and what will really work.Why? Because I like you and this is what I do.

That leads to the reminiscing thing which actually starts out the podcast. Lifting that first weight 34 years ago may have been the most important decision I ever made. A lot of people want to start training but get intimidated by meat head trainers and the egos. I work in an industry that has more than it's fair share of egomaniacs, kids in tank tops with spray on tans and general buffoons.

My advice is look for a trainer that cares about you. When I start training someone I don't judge or criticize them for how they look,  I see potential. I Think about how cool it is going to be when they see their tricep muscle pop out for the first time. The first time they drop a dress size. 

Working out is a new world and it is important that the first impression is a good one. Personal training should never be about the trainer, it should be about introducing the client to a new way of doing things. Working out is the lever of change that can take your life in a totally new direction.

Enough of my yapping, listen to the episode, I think it is a pretty good one.



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