Episode 29: Fitness Egomaniacs, Mummy Kicks and a Truly Epic Self-Destruct of the Week

October 8, 2014

So why do I get so worked up about so called "gurus" like Jillian Michaels?

In this episode I attempt to answer that burning question. This one is for all the people that blew up their knees with Tae Bo, wrecked their lower backs with Insanity and think P90x ought to be have a sequel.

In the beginning there where people with good intentions such as Kathy Smith, Sharon Mann, Tamillee Webb and others who created DVD's (VHS) programs that actually helped people. Then it turned into a peeing contest where the new generation of instructors had to out-do the previous ones by making the workouts more intense and  more on the edge to capture the interest of the public.

There is a difference between someone who studies fitness and tries to make the world a little better and those fitness "celebrities" that build mansions off the destroyed knees and backs of the people who bought their DVD's.

They know the untrained general public can't handle plyometrics and high volume squats because:

1. They are untrained and have little to no cardio.

2. The form probably sucks and high volume movements with poor form grind away the joints and create lasting joint issues.

Don't believe me? 3 rounds of mummy kicks for you! Ha ha...Mummy kicks.

Looking at my online training competitors I stumble across a couple video gems for my self-destruct of the week. Too bad you can only hear the audio. I would disclose the website but like mummies and curses it is much better to leave it alone and walk away. Walk away doing mummy kicks? Ha Ha mummy kicks!


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