Episode 35: Low Testosterone? It May Be Your Adrenals.

November 14, 2014

Low testosterone or Adrenal Fatigue?

Okay, this may not be as exciting as looking at oiled up spray tan guys barking about raising your testosterone....but this does make more sense. Hormone replacement therapy is the hot industry buzzword and clinics are popping up faster than Crossfit gyms.

The real question is do you need it?

For a lot of people the answer is no. This is something you need to do your research on before dropping your pants in front of a doctor.

#1 Introducing exogenous testosterone in your body means you will have to do this treatment the rest of your life. If you want normal test levels.

In other words if your body is getting this from an outside source, it doesn't need to make it itself. So it stopsor at the very least slows down.

Stop the treatment and your levels will plummet lower than when you started.

#2  HRT is expensive.

#3  What a great way to build repeat customers for the clinic. Great for Doctors who want to make tons of money giving people shots in the butt and bad for you if this really isn't the issue.

If you have low testosterone it means that something is going on upline causing the low testosterone production. Adding test to your system is treating the effect not the cause.

That is why hormone therapy is not always effective.

Look at this article of on the adrenals. There is a short 3 minute video that will answer a lot of questions you may have.

Hopefully it will make sense to you.




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