Episode 37: Good Gym Music Picks, My Namibian Friend is back and 5 Workout Stereotypes You Should Not Be

November 20, 2014

Episode 37, I hope, is pretty entertaining.

Thank you to everyone who listens to me around the world. We start with the shameless plugs for my sponsors, then I look at who is listening to me around the world. India you are fantastic. France, go recruit a few more friends.

After that, we move on to good gym music. Yes Pantera and Judas Priest are go to bands but sometimes you need something a bit groovier. I talk about 3 bands I listen to on a regular basis while working out and they may surprise you.

Stereotypes are abundant in the fitness industry and I talk about 5 of them. Don't freak out, you will be in one of them if not several. I am not here to rag, just enlighten. I actually identify with a couple myself.

As always, thank you for listening.


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