Episode 44: Why I Hate High End Steakhouses, How to Cook the Perfect Steak and 5 Reasons You Are Not Losing Fat!

December 25, 2014

This is an action packed episode. The In-Laws are visiting, kids and wife are home and distractions are all over the place.

This is a 2 part podcast. What I wanted to do is give you a couple ideas on why some people just can't lose weight.I am making the assumption that you are working out regularly and eating somewhat clean. If you are doing that and still struggle with weight loss, we need to talk. The focus should then be on sleep and whether you are actually repairing yourself at night or screwing yourself up. So this episode is all about why you need a good sleep cycle and the effect it has on hormones.

But first I wanted to thank a number of people who are kind enough to follow my podcast. Thanks to everyone who listens. Bigger thanks to everyone who clicks the follow button and huge props to the very kind people leaving Itunes reviews.

Next up is the issue of dry-aged beef and steakhouses. I will say this as plain as I can. I have never left one of these places full or happy with the quality of steak. Maybe the rich like these places because the moldy semi-rotten smell of the "aged" steaks reminds them of the smell of old money. Dark, stuffy mahogony-lined restaurants are no place to get a good meal. In this episode I not only tell you about 3 great steakhouses but I tell you how to make a better steak.

So really instead of the 1 good piece of advice I try to give each week you whould have a shopping cart full of ideas to think about until the next episode!


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