Episode 46: The Militarization of Fitness or New age Jibber Jabber?

January 8, 2015

I like the episodes where I discuss articles and this is no exception.

I ran across this article entitled, 

The Massive Fitness Trend That's Not Actually Healthy at All

Very interesting perspective. In this article, Jonathan Angelilli makes the argument that we have militarized our fitness because we are an aggressive society and that aggressiveness is a bad thing. 

I make the argument that Americans are more fat and lazy than aggressive. Maybe passive/aggressive but that is an entirely different thing. Please don't take offense at that but I don't think the Spartans had a diabetes epidemic. They were aggressive. I am pretty sure Genghis Khan had a good BMI.

And as we all know, "Those weights ain't gonna lift themselves" at least not without a lot of hard work. I call it hard work, you call it suffering....let's not play semantics here.

The idea here is to look at a different perspective. Even though he bills himself as a "celebrity trainer" ( yuck) and "peaceful warrior" he makes some interesting points and I respect that. And he is entitled to those opinions.

He also says a number of new-agey things that are way off base.

Who is right? That is for you to decide. 


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