Episode 47: Irrational Broncos and Why You Aren’t Losing Weight Part 2

January 15, 2015

This week is sheer madness in Denver. The Bronco loss has brought out the lunacy in fans. Firing a coach that only took you to the playoffs every year and a Super Bowl? Booing a Hall of Fame Quarterback? You would think the team went 2-14. Nope, just lost a game to a determined Colts team that played a near perfect game.

If there is one thing I know. well,actually 3 things. 
Excellent quarterbacks, excellent coaches and excellent personal trainers don't grow on trees. When you find one, keep 'em. 

After that rant we get to the meat of the matter here at the funkcast. A few episodes ago, Episode 44 to be exact, we started talking about the weird and infuriating phenomenon of doing everything right but still being unable to lose weight. I am not talking about the guy that sneaks out for cheeseburgers at night, drinks a case of beer over the weekend then moans about his inability to drop fat. No, I am taking about people who are watching what they are eating, working out and hitting a dead end.

There are a couple of causes and really they need to be diagnosed by a Doctor, not a guy on a funkcast. Nevertheless you need to be aware of what they are because sometimes even Doctors won't figure it out.

What are they? Well I guess you will just have to listen, won't you!


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