Episode 58: Talking About Monsanto and an Easy Way to Lose Fat

April 9, 2015

All I am asking for is a "Whooooooo!"

Is that so much to ask? Do it now, Rick Flair style and you will have a smile on your face.

Sometimes in life, everyday in fact, you should raise your arms up, cock your head back and Whooooooooooooo!

Here are a couple links I mention in the Podcast.

This is a podcast that has a lot of my own opinions in it. As always, do your own research and figure this stuff out for yourself. 

I found this article interesting for a number of reasons. I have never seen a corporate giant play the pity card so poorly and be so arrogant at the same time.

It reminds me of having a job interview and telling white lies.

"Mike, what is your biggest weakness?"
" Well sir, it is that I care so much about my job. I...care.....so...doggone....much about doing a good job!"

If they spent a fraction of the money they spend on buying politicians, getting their people in seats of power (head of FDA) on making a safer product maybe they would not be so hated.

If all you knew about Monsanto was the fact that Europe basically wants nothing to do with their product you would be on the right track. If you knew what they were doing to farmers in India you would be disgusted. 

They can talk all they want to about feeding the world as their noble cause. But at what cost are they doing it?

We end on a positive note talking about the best way i have found to drop fat consistently.


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