Episode 59: Sports Drinks and Tanning Lotions

April 16, 2015

Hi Y'all,

Episode 59 explores some of my nutty ideas about Sports drinks and Sun Tan Lotion. Ooops I mean sun protection.

Again, I am not asking you to believe everything I say but I do think it is wise to question authority and things we take for the truth.

A perfect example is the sport drink. When should you drink them, why should you drink them and how often. People never seem to think about this. The central concern about all this is your electrolyte balance and do you need help in maintaining it.

10 years ago this would not have been an issue. Now with everyone drinking filtered, reverse osmosis, purified to the bejeezus water you should probably be drinking a sports drink. Purified water gives you clean water, yes I won't argue that. But it doesn't replace the electrolytes you have lost through sweat. I talk about why you need electrolytes and water in balance in the podcast but this is why you can drink gallons of purified water and never feel satiated. 

Great for water companies, terrible for you because you never get hydrated. Think about it.

As for this obsession we have about sunblock, I have a couple thoughts about that that make a lot of sense but you probably won't agree with.

So have a listen. You may get informed or you may just get mad. Either way I will 
make you think.


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