Episode 61: Pseudo Boxing Gyms, Crossfit and Using Risk reward Ratios to Pick A Gym

April 30, 2015

Good lord, with a title like that you think this should be a serious podcast! And I guess it is pretty serious but we start with a couple finishing thoughts about my favorite place in the world. A world I have only heard about and have not yet had the displeasure to visit: Planet Fitness. 

But if I ever do you can bet I am going to set off their siren system!

This leads us into our talk about risk to reward ratios. Before you join a gym you need to think about 3 things. 
1. What is my goal.
2. How fast can I get there. (Reward)
3. Can I get there fast and avoid potential injuries? (Risk).

Everybody has a different idea of how much risk they can tolerate for a reward. A 20 year old should have a different risk/reward ration that a 50 year old.

This brings us into the world of the pseudo gym. It is boxing but it isn't a boxing gym. It is called MMA but fighters wouldn't train there. it is an interesting hybrid that wants to give you some fighting skills but in a friendlier environment.

Do they work? You are just going to have to listen in because I ain't telling!


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