Episode 64: The Law of Attraction and Why Supplement Reviews Aren’t Reliable.

May 21, 2015

Welcome to the new name change! Same podcast, new look.

My wife didn't like me using the word "ain't" and I do appeal to a sophisticated audience so it was time to "freshen up" the look.

So the law of Attraction is a very powerful concept to know. I got the idea driving around and seeing how unhappy most people look driving. You can only hold 3-4 ideas in your brain (prefrontal cortex). If you fill your head with negative thoughts you will tend to attract more negativity into your life. Fact. The more you focus on positive things, the easier life will get for you. The universe even has a way of helping out by throwing ideas and people that can help into your life. Pretty cool.

I also talk about why supplement reviews can be very misleading. Yes the companies can out and out lie about their product but the user can also give you misleading info. I forgot to mention in the podcast that some companies are giving out free samples for review. Not all these people work out but they are obligated to say something anyway. So be careful about that.

I mention and article about EMF and it is only a matter of time before I am right about cell phones. I spoke about it here on Podcast 57, http://mfactorfitness.podbean.com/e/episode-57-high-emf-an…/

Here is a link to the article, 


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