Episode 79: A World Gone Crazy. Crazy Crossfit, Crazy Asthma story and more Craziness

September 3, 2015

There was a full moon last night but it might as well have been a full moon all month. It is official, the world has gone crazy and I offer 5 Examples in this podcast.

1. The presidential race is underway and the leading characters look like cartoons.
World gone crazy.
2. There is a 30 minute crossfit show on tv that offers this as a workout.
15 toes to bars 
10 deadlifts with 115 pounds
5 snatches
Do that more 9 minutes then max out a clean and press.
Stupid routine, not well thought out, dangerous and ineffective. Again, a sign that the....
World gone crazy.
3. The Grid league has a preseason and a post season but no regular season matches. Let me hear you.
A World Gone Crazy.
4. An article in Shape magazine about asthma that doesn't have anything to do with asthma. Link here.
A World gone pharmaceutical....and Crazy.
5. Finally, a workout so dumb it rivals the aforementioned Crossfit workout.
Whew, luckily you can depend on me to bring some sanity to the table.


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