Episode 80:Orthorexia, Entemann’s Donuts and Putting Nutrition in Perspective.

September 10, 2015

Well another episode of rants. But what do you expect in a world gone crazy? You know those people who eat really clean? Almost sterile clean? Of course you do because they are always telling you how good they eat. Obsessing about every calorie and ingredient. Apparently do they get to be judgmental and aggravating to the rest of us....they get their own disease. Not yet but it is coming soon. Orthorexia is a condition of people obsessed with eating healthy. But the ones getting it seem to be the "experts" who have been beating everyone else up for the way they eat.

I can understand it in the sense that our food supply is really suspect at times. It makes sense to do a little research in what goes in your mouth. I don't know, you make the call on this one. 


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