Episode 84: Mike’s in the Doghouse, Weekend Certifications and When Does 1,000 calories not equal 1,000 calories

September 15, 2015
Hey, welcome to episode 84. as you can see by there title there is a lot going on in this episode.
Yes I am in the doghouse. But should I be? If you ask me a question about fitness I will give you an answer. That is what I do. Here comes the tricky part. If you don't like my answer should you get mad at me? My wife certainly did but don't get mad at me, blame evolution.
Topic 1: I said it before and I will say it again. A slow walk is not exercise. It is a stroll. If you go and walk around the mall it is a stroll. If you walk as fast as you can and you are breathing hard and sweating, that is exercise. Big difference. Walking the dog is very relaxing but it is not exercise. It doesn't mean it isn't important, it just means it should not and cannot count it as exercise. But if you are just starting out and are breathing hard going around the block, then you are exercising my friend. Doctors are now telling patients to walk because they are desperate to get any kind of movement out of them. Technically a stroll is better than nothing but not by much.

Topic 2: Just got an email from a guy doing weekend certifications. I may be in the only industry where you can go from a guy off the street to certified master trainer in 2 days. Well I guess they have those mail order karate places too so I don't feel that bad. Think of all the time and money I wasted taking courses to become a master trainer when I could have just shown up at this seminar with a cup of coffee and a bag of donuts and walked out with a certification!

Here is a really irritating article.


I hear what you are saying. How could a magazine such as Cosmopolitan, which is devoted to cutting edge nutritional articles, publish an article that is wrong? Wrong in my opinion but I am the one in charge here. Well, here is my teaser. You will just have to listen to it to see why 1,000 calories doesn't always equal 1,000 calories. 

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