Episode 88: Getting Things Off My Chest

October 21, 2015

Now you would think that just getting back from my Texas vacation I would be in a bubbly happy mood. And you would be right except a couple of things that are bugging me. What better way to start the holiday season than by venting about a couple things.

But unfortunately, I recorded the podcast a week ago and I have no idea what I rambled on about. I believe I had 4 points of discussion.
The only one I can clearly remember is the picture of the new girl at a Crossfit gym. I forgot what Crossfit site this was on and that is probably a good thing. There was a picture of a new member holding up a sign saying "new member". What is remarkable about this is that her hips were about 2-3 inches offset to the left, her spine was curving and one shoulder was several inches higher than the other. 

Does anybody else see this as a recipe for disaster? My hope is someone over there noticed this and put her on a corrective exercise program before she started training. Well, this is Crossfit, so maybe they did and maybe they didn't.

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