Episode 92: What To Do When The Universe Screws You!

November 19, 2015

If you have been following the podcast the last couple of weeks, you know we have talking about the brain. Specifically how you can alter your feelings by changing your thoughts. Change the input into the brain and you change the output. Not as easy as it sounds because some people are used to be victims of their thoughts. Almost like an escalator. Life throws a couple jabs at them and they found themselves on an escalator going down. Just like an escalator, they go deeper and deeper into a spiral. 

The big issue with this is that people see this as reality. It isn't. It is just an interpretation of reality. A changeable interpretation. 

The second issue is that the brain has trouble separating reality from this imagined reality. So as your thoughts get worse, even thought the events aren't happening, the brain sees them as real. This leads to real physiological changes within the body. Negative thoughts can be interpreted as real events.

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Example: Say you text your son/daughter to see how they are and you don't get a response. There are a number of reasons why they aren't responding. Maybe the phone is off. Maybe they are watching a movie and have it on mute. You don't know. But you decide to freak out about this. He/she has been kidnapped and is in dire trouble. Your heart rate goes up. Your blood pressure goes up. The body gets flooded with cortisone. Everything else in your life stops as you imagine the horrible things going on. Then they walk in the door. They didn't want to answer your text because they were driving. You sink into a chair relieved at how lucky you are he/she is alright.

Except for the fact that you made it all up in your head. real changes happened in your body from an imagined series of events. 

Do you realize how often this happens to most people who watch the news or gossip all day? Their lives are spent stressed out over things that either never happened or never will happen. This is a terrible situation for anyone trying to lose fat and get back in shape.

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Well, the universe really tried to screw with me today. I lead you on a blow by blow account of what could have been a bad day. One of those days where you wake up to a swirling hell of trouble. The events are real. How you react to them are your choice.

I hope you enjoy.


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