Episode 93: A Peek behind the Curtain of Personal Trainers

November 26, 2015

Ever wonder what it is like to be a personal trainer? 

I have been in the fitness industry over 10 years and I have seen a lot of things. It is the end of the year and I took a little time to reflect on the fitness industry.

This is no doubt an industry rife with scam artists, incompetents and scum. But for every one of those there is a person who got into fitness to do the right thing. These are the people you seldom hear of because this is a tough business. Doing the right thing requires long, tough hours. It also requires you to be a marketer, business owner, student and teacher. Each of those jobs are full-time jobs in themselves. Especially if you are young. I mean really, you guys don't even know how to listen to good music yet. How can you be expected to run a business.

So that is what this episode is about. If you are a young trainer, there are some good guys to follow. Let's give them a shout out.

  • Joe Cannon
  • Bedros Keullian
  • Ryan Lee
  • Pat Rigsby
  • Doug Holt
  • Alwyn Cosgrove
If you are looking for mentors, this is a good place to go. In this episode I tell the story of the guy (a former trainer? funny, doesn't look like one) who was trying to sell me on a 45 day mastermind group. The price? A mere $18,000. Ha Ha ha!

I hope you enjoy the episode,

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